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Making your AI-Product a Success



Taking Your AI-Product to
the Next Level

AI Business-Case

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AI Funding

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AI Solution

Let's build and scale an AI Solution that changes the world and serves customers



$ WhoAmI

I am Alex, a passionate Machine Learning Solution Architect. You might ask yourself: "What the hell is a Machine Learning Solution Architect?". Well, someone who is your Trusted Technical Advisor regarding Machine Learning, Data, MLops, and anything you can associate with Artificial Intelligence and its development to serve customers.


I can help you if you: 

💡 Have an Idea and aren't sure if you can solve it with AI

🤖 Aren't confident about which Algorithm you should use

💰 Have an Idea but no Money or Expertise

💿 Aren't sure what kind of Data you need for your Algorithm

👯 Need to build a Data Science team within your company

🎡 Don't know how to Scale your Model to Millions of Users

🔝 Don't know how to deploy your Algorithm and get it to your customers


My goal is to make your AI product successful, independent of your resources.



Top Reasons AI-Projects fail


No Data 💿

No Data, No Problem! There is a big misconception that you need lots of Data for your AI-Solution! Though valid in some cases, you can apply techniques like Transfer Learning, Active Learning, Data Augmentation, or Data Enhancement to drastically reduce the data needed! Learn more by reading my blog post.


No Expertise 🧑‍💻

No Expertise, No Problem! For most AI-Solutions, I can help you; if I can not help you, I can tell you within 24 hours after doing some research on my own. I am happy to leverage my international Network, so we will ensure your AI Project is in great hands.


No Money 💰

Money is NOT my motivation! If I like your idea, we will find other ways to bring your project to your customers. I enjoy bringing great ideas into reality, so I am happy to build an MVP or Prototype with you. Let's write funding reports and search for investors together.

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My Motivation

"Giving every Startup & SME the same possibility to develop a highly scalable and applicable Intelligent System regardless of their Money, Data, and level of Expertise."



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Lindengasse 56

1070 Wien

Tel: +43681 816 690 96

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